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Dr Mark de Souza
57 Bridge Road
Nowra NSW 2541
Phone: 44233888
Fax: 44217754

‘if you wish to communicate with the practice via email, please do so only for non-urgent matters. Please note that email correspondence is not to be used for any urgent matters. Email letters are addressed as a matter of low priority, after direct face-to-face, phone call and electronic interactions are completed. If you believe your enquiry is more urgent, please telephone the office staff directly and leave a message with them. If your child has a complicated matter, then we ask that you address this through direct appointment. We will respond to any messages within a reasonable timeframe’.

Email: paediatrics@markdesouza.net

SKYPE - thehealthychild



We would ask that you ensure that you have sufficient supplies of medication to last until the next consultation is due. If this is not possible, please give us 10 working days to process your request.
A fee will be charged for scripts if there is no prior arrangement. Again, please don't hesitate to discuss this with Sian or Catherine.

Should you have any complaints or suggestions as to how we can improve our service to you, please raise these with any of the surgery staff.







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