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Dr Mark de Souza
57 Bridge Road
Nowra NSW 2541
Phone: 44233888
Fax: 44217754

‘if you wish to communicate with the practice via email, please do so only for non-urgent matters. Please note that email correspondence is not to be used for any urgent matters. Email letters are addressed as a matter of low priority, after direct face-to-face, phone call and electronic interactions are completed. If you believe your enquiry is more urgent, please telephone the office staff directly and leave a message with them. If your child has a complicated matter, then we ask that you address this through direct appointment. We will respond to any messages within a reasonable timeframe’.

Email: paediatrics@markdesouza.net

SKYPE - thehealthychild


Useful Phone Numbers

- 44233888

    Ambulance service - 131233

    Nowra Community Health - 44246300

    Shoalhaven Hospital - 44213111

    Children's Ward - 44239307

    Maternity Ward - 44239240

    Noahs Ark Centre Nowra - 44235022


    FACS - 44245100


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